Kristin Loretta Barone-Samadi
Director of Studies
Chair of Performance Studies

Kristin Loretta Barone-Samadi, a pianist and music instructor, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1984. She was introduced to classical music and received her first piano lessons when she was 5, by her father, an amateur pianist. She started her formal training at Wagner College of New York City, at the age of 10. Kristin received her BA in Performance in 2006 from Adelphi University. Graduating cum laude, she was the recipient of the James Gould Award for Excellence in Music. While at Adelphi, Kristin was among the featured performers at the college’s chamber music ensemble—playing at graduation recitals, choral performances, and opera workshops. Kristin received her Master's Degree in 2008 at the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College CUNY, where she continued her studies in the Artist Diploma Program, in 2009. The Artist Diploma Program was designed for the advanced study of chamber music. Kristin has performed internationally as a soloist and chamber musician. Participating in a series of masterclasses overseen by cellist Kalin Ivanov and pianist Tamara Puddabnaya, Kristin then joined them in travels through Eastern Europe resulting in a final signature concert in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2008.

Kristin performed with the Adelphi Symphony Orchestra from 2005 to 2008 where she was a featured soloist. She also performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in December of 2005. Among Kristin’s fondest recollections are three specific performances: Frank's Symphonic Variations, Rachmaninoff’s Suite No.2 for Two Pianos, and Bartok’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion. Most recently, she has been interviewed and featured, a few times, by WXEW104 FM Riverwest Radio.

In addition to her academic and performance career, Kristin has served as music director at various churches in the New York metropolitan area including Rutherford Congregational Church (2010-2015), St. John's Lutheran Church (2015-2020), and most recently St. Joseph's Episcopal Church during 2020 before relocating to England. Her first position in a church setting was at Christ's First Presbyterian Church where she studied with the late David Smith and took on his position after his passing. This led to an abiding interest in sacred music and from there Kristin went on to study the pipe organ with David Enlow of Juilliard as well as Peggy Hsiao of First Presbyterian Church.

In collaboration with flutist, Linda Wetherill, Kristin has unveiled new works by contemporary composers, recording and performing them at the “Counterpoint Italy Composition Competition”—an international music festival founded by Ms. Wetherill in 2007. Kristin was the staff accompanist of the Young People's Chorus of NYC in 2011. Having a deep enthusiasm for the music of the Renaissance, Kristin became a keen collaborator with guitarist/lutenist, Daniel Keene—the two of them perform regularly as the Samadi-Keene Duo (formerly, The Barone-Keene Duo).

Kristin and her husband, composer Saman Samadi, have created and organized an international composition competition known simply as “Samadis'.” This festival concluded with a successful winners' concert in March of 2016 and published a record album. The two also operated a record label known as Samadis', from 2014 to 2018.

Kristin enjoys a successful teaching career—she has been a faculty member of the Brooklyn Music House, The Piano School of NYC, Long Beach Music, Oceanside Music, and Adelphi University—she also manages her own private studio. Kristin taught as an adjunct professor at Adelphi University, teaching courses, there, in Basic Keyboard Skills as well as Form and Analysis. Kristin is a strong advocate of the training programs of Madeline Bruser (author of “The Art of Practicing”), applying this method in her teaching philosophy—having discovered its utility and value as a faculty member during the Sound of Manhattan Music Festival 2018—while teaching several masterclasses and judging the competition there—Kristin saw tangible results in this method and uses it today.

During 2018-19, Kristin collaborated with Blanca Cecilia-Gonzalez (violin) and Asuka Elias (clarinet) and performed as Trio de Reínas, in New York. Kristin began collaborating with clarinetist Medina and violist Laura Thompson in late 2019 and had a few live performances before the pandemic. Since then, they have been collaborating at long distances. The trio published a recording of Schumann's Märchenerzählungen in the Spring of 2021. Persephone Trio collaborated in a remote recital at Wolfson College of Cambridge University in May 2021.  During the covid-19 pandemic, Kristin has had a chance to record, so far, 56 piano pieces. American composer Edward Hines has also commissioned her to record Akask for Piano, a collection of compositions based on Turkish folkloric dances, which was released on October 1st, 2021.

Most recently, Kristin has been collaborating with Greek pianist Flora Tzanetaki, and Spanish cellist Iris Azquinezer. Their performances were well received at the Buckingham Chamber Music Festival, King's Ely, Lee Hall of Wolfson College, Robinson College Chapel, Christ’s College, and Clare College, University of Cambridge. 

Kristin Samadi is on the faculty at St John's College School, and Abbey College, Cambridge, where she teaches piano. Kristin is a mother of two and currently lives in Cambridge, England.

Dr Saman Samadi
Chair of Studies in Composition and Theory

Saman Samadi, a Persian-American composer, performer, and musicologist, has garnered acclaim for his diverse musical works spanning nearly two decades. From orchestral and chamber to solo and electroacoustic pieces, his compositions have resonated globally, performed across the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, and the United States. His research focuses on contemporary Western art music and Persian classical music, excelling in new compositional methods and musical experimentalism. Committed to interdisciplinary connections, he seamlessly integrates creative practices with scholarly pursuits in cultural studies, (ethno)musicology, theory, and philosophy.

In Saman Samadi's compositional practice, an artistic context emerges, characterized by a dynamic intermingling of complexity and expressive depth. Drawing inspiration from the artistic endeavors of Brian Ferneyhough, Michael Finnissy, James Dillon, and Chris Dench, Samadi's music showcases a complex yet poetic and multidimensional terrain, weaving together influences from Persian music, poetry, language, visual arts, and postmodern philosophy. Through innovative notations and a fluid interpretative approach, his compositions embrace the complexities of linguistic discourse. His notational approach incorporates microtonal modes derived from Persian classical music, creating a new pitch space that infuses his compositions with intricate layers of heterophonic texture, polyrhythms, and polymeters, all conveyed through a sophisticated method of musical notation that enables fidelity. Innovatively reimagining Persian calligraphic letterforms, Samadi integrates them as both a visual concept and a structural foundation for his compositions. This novel approach informs the sonic texture, instrumentation, and elements of duration, blending harmoniously with his unique and complex Persian modal approach. Through the application of Persian calligraphic forms in designing Augenmusik scores, Samadi establishes a symbiotic connection between music and calligraphy, creating a multidimensional experience that transcends conventional boundaries and resonates with poetic and philosophical virtues, elevating his artistic expression to new heights. Samadi's artistic endeavors reflect a polymathic sensibility, forging bridges between disparate artistic disciplines and pushing the boundaries of both Persian classical music and contemporary Western art music.

As a music scholar, Samadi's research spans interdisciplinary realms, focusing on complex musical expression, cross-disciplinary research, new compositional methods, non-Western musical systems, contemporary improvisation, performance practice of new music, experimental music, poststructuralism, Deleuze and Guattari, semiotics, music and identity, linguistics, aesthetics of modernism and postmodernism, conceptual history, complexity, music notation, and their intersections. His academic pursuits demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the interplay between culture, language, and sonic expression, offering a balanced blend of erudition and creativity. Samadi's scholarship sheds light on modern music's evolving landscape, exploring cultural, sociopolitical aspects and reflecting on its implications for the human experience.

Samadi began his intellectual pursuits at NODET, an esteemed institution for mathematical prodigies in Iran, where he received a degree in Mathematics and Physics. He further pursued studies in Philosophy and Critical Thinking at the University of Queensland, as well as Artistic Research in Music at Orpheus Institute and Leuven University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and a Master of Arts in Composition from the University of Tehran, where he studied under composer Alireza Mashayekhi. Samadi served as the director of the Concentus Orchestra, a dynamic ensemble comprised of musicians from the Tehran Music Conservatory and the University of Tehran, from 2006 to 2009. His talent was recognized when he won first prize at the 2012 Counterpoint-Italy International Composition Competition, and his work was chosen for premiere at the 2014 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. 

From 2013 to 2020, Samadi actively participated in the vibrant experimental music scene in New York City. In 2018, he formed the Saman Samadi Quintet, bringing together talented alumni from the Manhattan School of Music. He has also led two other ensembles based in New York City: the Apām Napāt Trio and the Aži Trio. Recognizing his contributions to the performing arts, in particular as an experimental music improvisor, the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) awarded him an Artist Diploma in 2015.

Samadi has served as the Editorial Officer for the Wolfson Research Event at Cambridge and is actively engaged in reviewing manuscripts for reputable journals, such as the Journal for Artistic Research. He is the founder and director of the Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble. Samadi earned his PhD at the University of Cambridge, where his academic prowess was recognized and supported through his appointment as a Grantham Scholar and concurrent role as President of the Wolfson College Music Society. Currently, Samadi serves as an academic supervisor at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge.

Reuben Bance
Instructional Faculty
Piano Studies

Reuben Bance is a conductor, composer and pianist born in Stafford, England, currently reading music at King’s College, Cambridge. Reuben studied composition under Joseph Phibbs while attending the Purcell School for Young Musicians from 2019 to 2021. He has had pieces performed by the Tippett Quartet, beatboxer MaJiker, and soprano Sarah Dacey among others. In 2021, Reuben received an orchestral commission for Cadogan Hall, London. The resulting piece, titled Cloud Pillars, received positive reviews from critics including composer Julian Anderson.


While at the Purcell School, Reuben studied both classical and jazz piano under Gareth Hunt. Passionate about piano education, Reuben received extensive training from the ABRSM in August 2021 for both composing and teaching Grade 1 piano music. In November 2023, Reuben received the Derek Cornwell Scholarship for Piano from King’s College, given for the enhancement of musical life at King’s. Reuben regularly performs both jazz and classical piano repertoire in Cambridge, including in recitals held at King’s College Provost’s Lodge. 


Reuben studied conducting for several years under composer and conductor Jacques Cohen. He regularly conducts orchestras in Cambridge, most notably the King’s College Symphony Orchestra in King’s College Chapel.


Reuben also plays in a number of non-Western ensembles, including Samulnori and Javanese Gamelan. An enthusiastic Changgo player, Reuben recently performed with the Cambridge University Samulnori Society for Dr Chung Sye-kyun, former prime minister of South Korea.

Emily Abbott
Instructional Faculty
Violin Studies

Emily Abbott is a violinist from Milton Keynes, England, currently reading music at King’s College, Cambridge. Emily was taught by violinist Ruth Gapp, after which she studied with Enrico Alvares, who currently teaches at Trinity Laban. At thirteen, Emily became the youngest member of the National Youth Chamber Orchestra of Great Britain of which she was a member for three years. After this period, she became the leader of Milton Keynes Youth Orchestra, leading them at the National Music for Youth competition. During this time, Emily also had the opportunity of co-leading the Milton Keynes City Orchestra in a side-by-side project run by the Milton Keynes Music Service. She was also leader of the Four Hubs Youth Orchestra in 2019 and has played with the Young Artists Symphony Orchestra. Emily is currently the co-leader of King’s College Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra. 

In her solo career, Emily has performed at multiple competitions and recitals across the country including Harpenden’s music festival in 2018. In 2019 she was a finalist in the Milton Keynes Young musician of the year and in 2022 was a recipient of the King’s College Derek Cornwell Scholarship. Emily also performs with multiple chamber groups, including the Queen’s College quartet and King’s College Quintet. Emily is a member of the Gaia Quartet, based in Yorkshire, performing at private events across the country. Earlier this year she performed in the European Premiere of ‘The Blue Hour’ in St John’s Chapel, Cambridge. This Summer, Emily looks forward to teaching the string section of the Antigua and Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

Aside from violin playing, Emily, as President of the Kings College Music Society, enjoys managing and promoting orchestral concerts. Throughout this academic year (2022-2023), Emily has organised two concerts in King’s College Chapel and another in King’s Wilkin’s Hall with Judith Weir (Master of the King’s music) attending a rehearsal for the latter, as part of the 50 Year’s of Women at King’s celebrations.

Alexander Semple
Instructional Faculty
Vocal Studies

Alexander Semple is a baritone based in Cambridge. He has studied with Alex Ashworth for the last two years and will continue his studies in 2024 for his Master of Performance at the Royal College of Music with Russell Smythe. Alexander's musical training began as a violinist, learning with Ruth Palmer and Dr. Felix Andrievsky. He studied at the Royal College of Music's Junior Department, co-leading their Symphony Orchestra and winning the Freda Dinn String Prize. He has since performed in some of Europe's most prestigious venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, Het Concertgebouw, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Purcell Room, and Cadogan Hall.

Alexander undertook his undergraduate degree in music at the University of Cambridge and has been singing as a Choral Scholar and Lay Clerk with the Choir of St John's College, Cambridge since 2019, recently appearing on the choir's album "New Millennium" (BBC Music Magazine) as both a violinist and singer. As an opera singer, Alexander's repertoire includes roles such as Papageno (Die Zauberflöte/Mozart), Cadmus (Semele/Handel), Ferryman (Curlew River/Britten), Tarquinius (Rape of Lucretia/Britten), and Count Almaviva (Le nozze di Figaro/Mozart).

This year, Alexander was admitted to the Cambridge University Lieder Scheme run by Joseph Middleton and now receives duo coaching from Joseph and masterclasses from visiting professionals such as James Gilchrist and Thomas Allen.

Dorothéa Papadaki
Instructional Faculty
Vocal Studies

Dorothéa is a passionate singer/songwriter and vocal coach with over 7 years of professional experience in Cambridge and London. She holds a BA Hons in Popular Music from ARU, Cambridge, and an MMus in Popular Music Performance from ICMP, London. Over the past few years, she has been performing with her band, comprised of session musicians, at well-known festivals like the 'Big Weekend 2019' and 'Strawberry Fair', as well as prestigious venues including 'The Junction', 'Portland Arms', and 'The Six Six Bar' in Cambridge. Recently, she has ventured into releasing original music, including her album titled 'Is this love?'. Her original tracks have received airplay on various UK radios such as BBC Introducing and Cambridge 105 radio, as well as on radio shows across other EU countries. Alongside her performing career, she is actively involved in music teaching and vocal coaching in Cambridge, conducting sessions both in her home studio and within the community.

Lucas Sterioulas
Instructional Faculty
Guitar Studies

Lucas Sterioulas was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1983. His studies in classical guitar began at the age of 8; in 2002, he received a diploma in Guitar Performance from the International Conservatory of Katerini. He subsequently attended and successfully completed postgraduate studies in Classical Guitar at the Thessaloniki Conservatory, in 2005. He received a Diploma in Electric Guitar from the University of West London, in 2016. He has been awarded in various guitar competitions -- the 2nd prize at the Guitar Festival of Volos 1996, and the 1st prize at the H.O.N competition in Athens, to name a few.

He has performed numerous individual recitals in Europe. He has extensively performed with local singers and bands on major stages in Greece. Lucas draws inspiration from performers of various genres such as Al di Meola, Vicente Amigo, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, and others.

He has been teaching guitar for 11 years at Karapanos music school and the International Conservatory of Katerini from total beginners to advanced players. He teaches classical, acoustic, and electric guitars as well as the ukulele.

Lucas plays on Admira and Godin guitars.

Charlotte Wan
Instructional Faculty
Piano/Organ/Flute Studies

Charlotte Wan is a pianist, organist, flautist and conductor born in London, England.  She is the Senior Organ Scholar at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and is currently in her second year reading music. Charlotte started her piano and flute studies aged 7 and achieved ABRSM Grade 8 Distinctions for both instruments within four years, and holds ARSM Diplomas in both instruments. During her time at The Godolphin and Latymer School, she was awarded a music scholarship through to her A-levels.  As well as performing in chamber ensembles and orchestras, she has also led and conducted several choirs and orchestras during her time.  In her role as Music Captain, she guided and mentored younger students of different age and ability groups.

Charlotte has extensive performance experience as a soloist, accompanist, as well as in orchestras.  She is a passionate and committed teacher, with experience teaching children as young as 5.  She has previously taught piano privately but has also gained experience working with groups of young children. Charlotte is organised and structured in her teaching and is patient and capable of adapting to different learning styles.

Joanna Martino-Boulton
Instructional Faculty
Piano Studies

Joanna Martino-Boulton is a pianist from North London. Joanna began her musical studies at the age of 6, taking ABRSM examinations. She received her Diploma in Classical Piano Performance at Leeds College of Music in 2017 and subsequently completed her BA in Classical Music at Cambridge University in 2021. 

Joanna’s studies at Leeds College of Music were heavily performance focused with numerous solo recitals, masterclasses and ensemble recitals, collaborating with string players, percussionists and singers. For her achievements during her BA in Classical Music studies, she was awarded the Myson Exhibition Prize by Lucy Cavendish College in 2022. 

Joanna began teaching the piano in 2014, giving private lessons to children of all ages and preparing them for ABRSM examinations.

She is currently residing in Cambridge and completing her Veterinary Medicine degree at Cambridge University. Joanna is a music scholar for Lucy Cavendish College, organising social musical events, concerts and occasionally performing.

Matthew Duxbury
Instructional Faculty
Percussion Studies

Matthew Duxbury is an accomplished percussionist, currently studying Engineering at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. He began playing the piano at the age of 8 and started on the drum kit at the age of 11, successfully achieving Grade 8 in both instruments.

Having a special fondness for jazz and big band music, Matthew has actively participated in various musical groups, notably including the Take Five Jazz Quintet and the Chiltern Music Academy Big Band and Concert Band. Currently, he serves as the drummer for the Cambridge pop cover band ‘Kitchen Sync’.

Matthew has also showcased his versatility as a musician by taking on the role of pit band drummer for productions of ‘In the Heights’ and ‘School of Rock’. Additionally, he demonstrates his skills in playing the timpani, xylophone, marimba, and auxiliary percussion.

Not limited to percussion alone, Matthew also enjoys singing as a member of the Fitzwilliam College Chapel Choir and holds the position of Junior Treasurer for the Fitzwilliam College Music Society.

His genuine passion lies in encouraging musicians of all ages to develop their percussion skills and to embrace the rewards of live performance.

Kalin Ivanov
Instructional Faculty
Violin Studies

Violinist/Violist Krasi Ivanov earned 1st Prize at the National Violin Competition in Bulgaria and 2nd Prize at the 14th Violin Competition in “D. Chintulov” Music School, also in Bulgaria. Her academic accomplishments include holding Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees in Violin Performance and Music Education from the Academy of Music and Dance Art in Bulgaria. In 2004, she completed her Master of Music in Violin Performance under the guidance of Prof. Masao Kawasaki at Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music.

Krasi has showcased her skills through broadcasts on various platforms, including Bulgarian National Television and Radio, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and WNYE Radio in New York. Additionally, she has performed in numerous countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and the USA. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with esteemed musical institutions like Plovdiv State Philharmonic and Opera Theater, Stara Zagora State Opera, AMDA Chamber Orchestra, Symphonyeta Chamber Orchestra, and others. Notably, she has also performed with the Brooklyn College Orchestra, Manhattan Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble du Monde, The Forte String Quartet, Bulgarian Piano Quartet, and Trio “BG”.

Krasi's passion for music education has led her to teach young students at the Brooklyn College String Project and the Carroll School (P.S.58) String Program. Currently, Mrs. Ivanov imparts her knowledge and expertise to aspiring musicians as a violin and viola instructor at the Brooklyn College Prep Center for Music Theatre and Dance, Rondo Music Festival, VT, and through her private studio in Brooklyn.

Kalin Ivanov
Instructional Faculty
Cello Studies

Kalin Ivanov, a cellist, is a prominent soloist, recitalist, chamber musician, and recording artist. He has been compared by the press to Rostropovich, Yo-Yo Ma, Piatigorsky, and Jacqueline du Pré. He is quickly gaining recognition as an artist whose "dramatic urgency and expressive tone" (The STRAD, New York) is matched by "his deep, emotional, and poetic performing style" (Moscow North). The former music critic of the New York Times, Harris Goldsmith, states that "...Ivanov presents himself as a player with a fine-grained, luscious tone..." (New York Concert Review). The WORLD PANORAMA (Bulgaria) wrote: "...Kalin Ivanov is a phenomenon in the palette of the most talented musicians," and Musical Opinion (UK) confirmed: "One of the most celebrated cellists of his generation."

A native of Bulgaria, he began studying cello at the age of six with his father. Mr. Ivanov holds BM and MM degrees from the Academy of Music and Dance Arts, Bulgaria, State Academy of Music, Bulgaria, and Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, CUNY, where he studied cello with Marion Feldman. He has also studied and participated in master classes given by distinguished cellists such as David Soyer, Nathaniel Rosen, Steven Doane, Laurence Lesser, Andre Emelianoff, Anatoli Krastev, and others. In 1999, Mr. Ivanov won the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival Concerto Competition.

Ivanov's young career of charismatic performances led him from the concert halls of Bulgaria to Greece, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic, the Caribbean Islands, and, of course, the United States. He has made recent appearances as a soloist with various orchestras, including the Prague Sinfonietta, Sofia Philharmonic, Sinfonietta Sofia, Varna Philharmonic, Plovdiv Philharmonic, Bulgarian Virtuosi Orchestra, Sliven Symphony, Pazardjik Symphony, Vidin Philharmonic, Academy Chamber Orchestra, Moscow Chamber Orchestra "Cantus Firmus," New York Chamber Players Orchestra, Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, Southern Arizona Symphony, North Shore Symphony, Manhattan Virtuosi Orchestra, and Ensemble Du Monde Orchestra, among others. Mr. Ivanov has performed over 20 times at Carnegie Hall, New York (Weill Hall and Stern Auditorium), as a soloist, principal cellist, and chamber musician.

His recordings include broadcasts for WNYC radio, New York, WWFM CLASSICAL Radio, NJ, Voice of America, Voice of Russia, Radio Free Europe, WNYE Radio, New York, WSTA Radio, WVWI AM 1000, CUNY TV, WNYE TV, NTD-TV, New York, Eurocom TV, Bulgarian National Radio, and TV. Mr. Ivanov is the subject of a one-hour film biography by Bulgarian National TV, broadcast in Bulgaria and internationally, and was the featured performer in an Emmy Award-nominated short film "Study with the Best" by CUNY TV. In July 2007, Mr. Ivanov recorded music for the Motion Picture Film: "LUST, CAUTION" (Oscar-winning Director Ang Lee). He has released three CDs, with the latest one available on MSR Classics.

In the spring of 2003, Mr. Ivanov, along with Natalia Gutman, Alexander Kniazev, Boris Pergamenstikov, Peter Bruns, Tomas Stral, and recent winners of the Tchaikovsky competition, was selected to perform in the International Music Festival in commemoration of Daniel Shafran, sponsored by Moscow State Philharmony and the State Institute of Arts. The Music Life magazine in Moscow called him: "...a recognized master of the cello."

Mr. Ivanov currently teaches cello and chamber music at Adelphi University, the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, CUNY, and the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts. During the last few years, he has performed and given master classes at various prestigious music festivals and institutions, including the London Festival of Bulgarian Culture (UK), Festival of the Gulf (ITALY), Spring Music Academy (BULGARIA), International Music Festival, St. Petersburg (RUSSIA), Summit Music Festival (NY), Portland Conservatory International Music Festival (ME), Rondo Music Festival (VT), Long Island Conservatory International Music Festival (NY), Youngstown University (OH), and others. He has also taught at Long Island Conservatory, SUNY Empire State University, SUNY, Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music Summer Music Camp, Manchester Music Festival, and others. Mr. Ivanov is a founding member of The Forte String Quartet, New York Empire Trio, and Ivanov-Antimova Duo. He is a recipient of the Chancellor's Award and Cultural Achievement Award for teaching and performing in the U.S., as well as a career development grant by the Artist Fund of the New York Foundation for the Arts.